Chris Choi at Portal Studio

Chris Choi

Architectural Designer | BIM Specialist | M. Arch


Bachelor of Architecture
Master of Architecture



NZIA Best Design Awards

Chris is specialized in

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Chris Choi is an architectural professional whose multicultural experiences living in various environments, from idyllic farmlands to buzzing cities across Auckland and Korea, have shaped his unique understanding of architectural design. This exposure to diverse cultures and urban fabrics ignited his passion for architecture, as he became fascinated by the intricacies of different urban landscapes and the impact of design on community engagement.

A critical aspect of Chris’s professional journey has been his longstanding association with the Portal team. His journey with the team began in the early years of his studies at the University of Auckland. Over the years, Chris has significantly contributed to the team’s growth and success, becoming an integral part of the organization.

Upon completing his Bachelor of Architecture and advancing to his Master of Architecture (Professional) program, Chris embarked on a new professional adventure, stretching his skills and knowledge in the field. His approach to architectural design is underpinned by meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the architectural documents and template standards that govern the design process. These traits have led him to play a critical role in reviewing and refining the office’s architectural standards and documents.

Moreover, Chris is known for his constant drive for improvement. He passionately pursues growth and evolution, not only in his professional capacity as an architectural designer but also on a personal level. His dedication to excellence in every aspect of his life translates into his work, setting him apart in his field.

In the midst of his busy professional life, Chris ensures he maintains a balanced lifestyle. He has mastered the art of disconnecting from work by immersing himself in social and recreational activities. A passionate basketball player, Chris often spends his time off the clock socializing on the basketball court, indulging in the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. For quieter moments, he retreats into his own world of music, seeking solace in the calming strings of his guitar at home. These activities allow Chris to recharge, refuel his creativity, and maintain his well-being, further underlining his multifaceted personality and commitment to a balanced life.