Portal Studio in ArchiPro Expo 2022

Photo of the Portal Studio team together

For the ArchiPro Commercial Expo (ACE) held in Auckland CBD Shed 10, November 2022, Portal Studio participated for two days with an exhibition of the latest AR/VR technologies - applied to our local architectural developments already built.

Photo taken of Portal Studio employee at Archipro Expo
Portal Studio at Archipro Expo
Portal Studio employee at Archipro Expo
Portal Studio employees at Archipro Expo
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The VR experience involved a 3D first-person simulation for anyone to observe the interior of our built single-house project. An interactive virtual interface allows the user to switch the materials and finishes of different surfaces (floors, walls, etc.) and replace the furniture from a curated selection of products; all of which were sourced by suppliers participating in the expo. This magic happens with a click of a button, and the changes are instantly visible through the VR headset. With the recent trend of virtual environments, Portal Studio is building and maintaining a one-stop virtualisation platform consisted of all procurable products for our clients’ best decision makings.

Full view of an interior design by Portal Studio
Our application of AR technologies is an interaction between two mediums: paper + screen. Our most researched typologies over the years, among them the modular single-house, townhouse and mortgage buster typologies are laid out on the table, while a tablet augments the 2D drawings in real-time to show a 3D impression of the streetscape on its screen. The user can hold the drawings and rotate it in front of the camera as if holding a physical model. Peaking through the windows of the typologies, visitors of the expo were challenged to spot our company mascot relaxing in one of the living rooms!