Portal Studio: Celebrating Our Achievement as Runner-Up in the Purple Ink Business North Harbour Excellence in Small Business Award 2023

Photo taken of the Portal Studio team

We are thrilled to announce that Portal Studio has been honored as the runner-up in the prestigious Purple Ink Business North Harbour Excellence in Small Business Award 2023. The award ceremony, held at the North Harbour Stadium on Friday, November 17th, was a night to remember. For those who couldn’t join us, you can catch a glimpse of the event here and view the full event photos by Smoke Photography Ltd here.

Photo taken of the Portal Studio team

This award is no ordinary accolade. It recognizes businesses that have exceeded industry standards and redefined benchmarks, a testament to the hard work and innovation we have put in over the years.

Since our establishment in 2013, we have devoted ten years to high-quality residential development, sustainable design, and technological innovations. As an urban design practice, we have designed over 100 hectares of land in Auckland, playing an integral role in the green land development of Auckland since the implementation of the Unitary Plan.

Our design standards have not only been recognized by the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) as best practice but have also been used as Homestar exam and curriculum materials. This recognition underlines our commitment to sustainable architectural design and solutions.

In our journey to innovate, Portal Studio independently developed its own VR and AR technology. This technology is aimed at presenting complete and tangible experiences for homeowners, even at the concept stage. It facilitates efficient decision-making and provides certainty for project execution, setting new standards in the industry.

Portal Studio team at the Business Excellence Awards 2023

Receiving this award is a milestone that recognizes Portal Studio’s journey and the momentum we have built over the years. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Business North Harbour for their unwavering support of small businesses like ours and for shining a spotlight on our efforts.

Lastly, but most importantly, we would like to thank our team members. Blessed by faith and hardened by experience, you are the pillars that support our vision and the driving force behind our success.

Here’s to continuing our journey of excellence and innovation!