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Resource Consent

In New Zealand, resource consent is a legal requirement for property development projects that may impact the environment, such as construction, renovation, subdivision or changes in land use.

At Portal Studio, we recognize the significance of resource consent and the crucial role our profession plays in this process. Our comprehensive master planning services, including detailed architectural renders, are in high demand from both planning authorities and developers, thanks to our vast academic knowledge, urban-scale awareness, and decades of practical experience.

We ensure fail-safe master plans for all developments, addressing the intricacies of land use consent. Our S92 letters for council correspondence are clear and concise, as we proactively resolve potential issues with the consultant team beforehand. Working closely with planners, we coordinate professional inputs to meet council requirements.

During construction, we maintain constant communication with builders and engineers for compliance monitoring, ensuring the smooth approval and execution of Resource Consent conditions.

As the lead consultant, we skillfully handle any on-site challenges and provide convincing evidence of compliance to the council. Our approach aligns seamlessly with the performance requirements of Building Code and the objectives of Resource Management Act, ensuring that our projects not only comply with the regulatory building standards but also contribute positively to the overall outcome anticipated by the district plan.

In addition to obtaining resource consent, our team is well-versed in navigating the intricacies of obtaining building consent and the subdivision consent process. This holistic understanding of the Building Act positions us as experts in addressing various council issues that may arise during the building work phase.

At Portal Studio, we go beyond obtaining resource consent; we embrace a comprehensive approach that encompasses the entire property development lifecycle, ensuring legal compliance, environmental responsibility, and successful collaboration with all stakeholders involved.